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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 11, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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not let go. >> a deadly dog attack, and tonight the dog involved is still on the loose. good evening. i'm ama dates. a gilroy family is grieving over the death of their dog, a pittbull barged into their house and killed their six-year-old poodle. it happened on hannah street in gilroy. that's where abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live with the latest. lilian? >> ama, this is a quiet, established neighborhood, but no one seems to know where this pittbull came from. >> just this much. literally just this much and the dog nuzzled its head through. >> reporter: samuel opened the door to let her two-year-old in the house. little did she know a pittbull she had never seen before was at the door too eager to get in. >> i was like this trying to close the door. the dog just pushed it and i
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slammed up against the wall right here. >> reporter: her little brother had just arrived home with her grandfather who didn't see the pittbull at the door until it was already making its way in the house. >> i never seen it here before. >> reporter: within moments sammy's poodle laci ran to the door to see what was going on and that's when the pittbull attack i had her. attacked her. >> the put bull was here and grabbed my dog and slammed her against the wall. >> reporter: the grandfather picked up the pittbull on the coller. >> it locked its jaws and would not let it go until i beat my wrist and knuckles until the dog let go. >> reporter: but by then it was too late. laci was dead. the pittbull however kept trying to get in the house banging his head on the door. sammy's grandfather beat the dog with a stick until it finally walked away. gilroy police spent hours looking for the pittbull yesterday and today and came up empty. if and when they find the dog
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they will keep it under quash tee. >> it was aggressive and forced its way into a house and killed a family pet. it is definitely something we want to stay on top of. >> reporter: sammy and her family have since bury laci in their backyard. they planted fresh flowers. >> it is a good way of keeping her in our hearts and realizing that she is right there. >> i noy she is in a happy place running around up there. >> reporter: the pittbull is tan in color with a white face and a stripe down its chest. it was also wearing a black collar. anyone with information is asked to call gilroy police. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> lilian, thank you. the election is over, but law i can makers will be returning to washington this week with serious work to get done. the so-called fiscal clip will likely be their first order of business. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has more. >> reporter: the cliche
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describes two painful issues lawmakers have to deal with. it is tax hikes on every household. today california leaders said the voters have spoken, but it is not clear if lawmakers can return to washington and work together. congresswoman nancy pelosi spent the day mixing and mingling at the presidio. but fixing the country's finances was on her mind. >> we have a deficit we have to deal with. we have to do it with growth and the creation of jobs. we have to do it with cuts. we all know that, but we have t.o. do it with revenue. >> reporter: she will be returning to capitol hill pushing a deal backed by barack obama. that will include tax hikes on wealthier households. republicans who still control the u.s. house of representatives have started to dig in. >> raising tax rates will slow down our ability to crow 80 the jobs everybody wants. >> reporter: what are the consequences if law i can makers cannot make a deal. >> the fiscal clip is very bad if it happens.
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it means we could have a huge recession next year. >> reporter: if scheduled budget cuts are imposed an estimated 400 government jobs could be slashed and about 400,000 jobs tied to nondefense spending would be eliminated. when it comes to taxes, all tax rates are schedule to rise. >> at one p so int sure we had higher taxes. but we are talking about transitioning from low taxes to high taxes. the immediate affect is everyone has less income and they spend less. there is a hit in 2013. >> reporter: governor jerry brown said they could learn from california voters. proposition 30 passed hiking sales taxes and raising taxes on people making $250,000 or more. >> our credibility as a governing -- as a nation that can govern itself is on the chopping block. and yes cuts going forward of certain commitments that the country has made, that has to be embraced, but so is revenue, and revenue means taxes.
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>> now, it is not clear how or if lawmakers will make a deal when they return to this lame duck session of congress. the associate professor makes this po nie t. right now lawmakers have a choice on how to get a handle on the nation's debt. that's much better than what is happening to some european countries that are being forced to deal with their debt. ama, back to you. >> sergio, thank you so much. and greek citizens protested as law i can makers took a step to deal with their country's fits cal problem by approving an austerity budget. the combination of spending cuts and tax hikes won a narrow majority in the 300-member parliament. they feel they need the package to convince international creditors to unblock a vital rescue load installment. they would go bankrupt without the money. the euro zone's 17 nations will meet with the debt crisis on their agenda. a woman from florida wants people to respect her privacy after she admitted to getting
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harassing e-mails from the mistress of david petraeus. jill kelly says she has been friends with petraeus and his family for more than five years. kelly called the fbi after getting the harassing messages. fbi agents traced them to paula broad well's computer. they also uncovered a series of intimate e-mails between broad well and petraeus. petraeus resigned from the cia on friday and admitted to an affair on broad well. broad well was writing a biography about the general. >> i hate to accept it, but there are a number of things one has to consider. first was there any kind of national security breech. to date there was not. >> petraeus apparently started the affair when leaving the army in 2011. it also appears he was the one who ended their romance. today all over the country people stopped to pay tribute to those who have paid and are paying their time in the armed
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forces to protect our freedom. >> reporter: the day began with tradition. president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown at arlington national cemetery. the president said veterans day is special and significant. >> each year on the 11th day of the 11th month we pause as a nation and as a people. it is to pay tribute to you, to thank you. to honor you. >> reporter: the president and the first lady then walked to section 60 of the cemetery and greeted visitors. section 60 is dedicated to those who have lost their lives since 2001 in the global war on terror. at golden gate ceremony they attended a remembrance ceremony. one man said events like this are necessary to remind people of the sacrifice so many have made.
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>> freedom isn't free. the men and women have fought for us and died for us. they want everybody to remember that. like i said earlier people take it for granted. nothing is for granted. >> reporter: in san francisco, color guards, marching bands made their way down to the civic center. this was the 93rd veterans day parade. >> the first veterans day was celebrated in 1919 to commemorate the end of world war i. many events were devoted to helping veterans to adapt to a changing world. one example was in san francisco at adobe systems. it was the first vet to tech hackathon designed to bring veterans' job skills up to speed with new technology. one vet told us what he learned as an engineer in the military doesn't click this today's job market. >> it has been pretty tough with a lot of outdated information. i work with a lot of older predated information as far as
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everything now is cloud-based services. >> the lives of some chronically ill veterans will be on otis street. it has 75 new furnished rooms. let's get a check on the workweek weather with leigh glaser. >> let's check on live doppler 7hd. tonight we will see a few more cloud and that will help to insulate us a little more. we won't have as much in the way of froths especially in the north bay as we did last night as well as this morning. you can see with live doppler 7hd, down to santa rosa and petaluma seeing a little bit of the cloudiness right now. the high and midlevel clouds will move across the bay area. already 40 and 51 san francisco and 47 in mountain view. it is going to be a wet week ahead. we'll look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you, leigh. family and friends held a candlelight vigil for the body
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of a man who vanished in october. >> in unison so ernesto can hear you. >> the lord is my shepherd. i shall not want. >> police believe someone killed 19-year-old ernesto louis. a group gathered to remember him outside the building on mission boulevard where his body was found on tuesday. it appears his body was in the abandoned auto repair shop for several days. they had to use dental x rays. they want to hear from anyone who might know anything about his death. san francisco police searched the bay view district after they say a man tried to hit an officer with a car. the afternoon search focused on a construction site at third street and lacont avenue. the man apparently got out of his car and ran into the unfinished building. a police dog joined the search. police attempted to stop him after they suspected it him of breaking into a car. a family in monterey county hopes you can help find a missing woman who suffers
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from alzheimer's disease. 55-year-old cantu was last seen driving away from her home in gonzalez around 2:45 thursday afternoon. cantu is 5 foot 6 and weighs about 220 pound. cantu was last seen driving a white 2002 lexus gf with california plns plate 4wos470. a deadly blast levels home in indiana. the latest on what may have lead to that explosion of the -- explosion. and a hot new birth control created by a bay area entrepreneur and what makes it so different. and the amazing light show in
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h has been decades since the pill revolutionized birth
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control for women. but a bay area entrepreneur believes there is something that could do the same for men. carolyn johnson has the details. gite best way to -- gite best way to think of this is a no ?ip vasectomy. from condoms to the pill, the most popular methods of birth control have been around for decades. but according to dr. joe spidel, many are still hit and miss. >> for example, the pill, about one out of 10 women on the pill will get pregnant every year. that's a lot of failures. >> implantible iud's have a better record as do vasectomies for men, but one on entrepreneur says there is a -- an injectable sperm stopper that could last indefinitely. >> it is injected into the vas-deference. >> they say it was discovered by a scientist in india who was studying water filtration. when injected into this tube
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with an activating agent, the polymer solidifies into a plug. a liquid containing lead powder passes thrie the microscopic pores, but the lead is filtered out. they say the concept is the same in the body. >> it is almost like a swiss cheese structure or a sponge-like structure. so fluid can get through and there is not back pressure which is really nice compared to a vasectomy, but the sperm are too big to make it through. >> the doctor makes an insession and injects the cell into the vas-deference where it adheres to the tissue. it amounts to a no ?ip vasectomy and takes less than an hour. 100% success rate was found when the procedure was done correctly. in the u.s. testing for vasel gel is still in animal models. the fda has not yet approved it. since the polymer can be
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injected with a second chemical they are hoping to market it as a far easier reversible option for younger men who may want to have children later in life. >> some men aren't ready to take that final snip. it gives an option to leave the door open for child spacing. >> the group plans to apply for permission to begin human testing if the u.s. as early as next year. as for the question of interest in a new male birth control, she says her group has a database of more than 7,000 people who requested information in the event human trials are eventually approved. carolyn johnson, abc7 news. negotiations are underway once more in the labor dispute involving striking raley employees. they walked off the job in a dispute involving pay and benefits. they said concessions are necessary to keep the chain competitive with nonunion grocery stores. the sacramento-based company operates about 130raley superstores in california as
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well as nevada. better stock up on the twinkies. the hostess bakers are on strike. they are set up at a third of all hoss tess plants nationwide including the bakery in oakland. they say products are still being made and shipped, at least for now. hostess employs 1800 workers in california. they filed for bankruptcy in january. mother nature is providing a spectacular heavenly show for the next few days. the earth is passing through debris from comet enkey. thanks to this youtube video we can show you what they look like. they tend to be fireballs and you will get the best look at the meteors providing there isn't a lot of cloud cover leigh glaser is here to tell us about that. >> in the north bay you will not get a great view. we may seen see a few sprinkles. let's go outside and a few clouds are starting to move in. otherwise clear skies out
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there. live doppler 7hd picking up on some of the clouds. santa rosa and petaluma and heading toward vallejo and fairfield and american canyon and napa also reporting a little bit of an over cast. and what is good is that we had all of the frost in the north bay this morning. the cloud cover we will have to cap that off. it will keep this a little warmer. speaking of warmer here is a look at our highs. we warmed up a few degrees. it was 61 in santa rosa and 58 napa and 55 san rafael. san francisco warmed to 58 degree. it was 58 in antioch you can see as well as livermore and san jose the toasty part of our area, 62 degrees. santa cruz was 63. so here is a look at our current readings. getting chilly. 37 in fairfield and already 40 in napa and santa rosa. 51 san francisco and 50 for oakland right now. we have 42 in livermore and 45 in san jose. and we will look for
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temperatures to be not as cold tonight thanks to the cloud cover that will insulate us a bit. it does look like showers will return by week's end and a pretty good rain maker expected next sunday as well as monday. the lows tonight will keep things a little above the freezing mark. santa rosa 33. 34 for napa by tomorrow morning. 47 for san francisco. 40s elsewhere around the peninsula and all wait down toward san jose. 43 and 41 in antioch. now here is the set up for tomorrow. high pressure is building in. you will notice pretty good looking frontal system to the north and west. most of the energy will stay to the north. tomorrow at least we will look for clouds and as the high builds in, it will bring warmer temperatures. i will show you the forecast animation. monday remember the rain line stays to the north. as we head into tuesday, this is tuesday, by 10:00 a.m., it starts to sag a little bit to the south. i put a chance of scattered
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showers in the north bay for tuesday and thin -- and then we take them out for wednesday. all of this will move back to the north. so wednesday looks like the best day. this workweek will have dry conditions and temperatures warming into the 60s. as we head into thursday night and friday, another wave of moisture will move in and we will see some showers. here is a look at your highs for tomorrow. 60s across the bay area. 63 in santa rosa and san francisco 60, 64 for oakland as well as livermore. 64 for san jose. a little more sunshine the further south you go. santa cruz 65. 65 for gilroy. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, north bay chance of showers on tuesday. we are all dry and mild on wednesday in the 60s. thickening clouds. we get a break on saturday and looks like heavy rain moving in on sunday. of course abc7 morning news tomorrow morning. 4:30 to 7:00.
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mike niko will be here to give an update. >> shu, we both wore red for the niners. a strange ending. >> it didn't help. it cost the niners their quarterback. alex smith left with a concussion. this robbery went to overtime and we
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the rams with both teams coming off a bye. they both had great chances to win it. they came out with a tie. to a wide open quick. 7-0 rams. now 14-0. he takes off running and instead of sliding feet first he leads with his head. he will get leveled and alex was woozy, but he bounced back up. same drive on fourth and 1 and alex takes another hit that harbough says caused the concussion afterwards. i think it was a combination. alex finishes the drive and caps off the crabtree
11:25 pm
touchdown. niners trail it 14-7 and then smith would leave the game with a concussion. >> he said his vision was blurred before going back in on the series we didn't put him in. called up cap and got him warmed up and alex went over and saw the doctors. >> cap would be colin and he took over the fourth quarter. he looked dead in the water, but turns the corner and dives for the pylons. niners down 3, but the rams retake the lead. a minute to go and bradford to petis. 24-21 st. louis. it is a 41-yarder and he can't make it. it is a cannon of a leg. it was good, but a delay of game pushed it back five yards. now from 58 he misses. game ends in a tie, the first one since 2008. the first 49er tie since
11:26 pm
1986. patrick willis was stunned afterwards jie. we have one of the best kickers in the game. it comes down at the end and he misses it by a little bit. our defense is one of the best defenses in the game. today we wasn't clicking. no excuses. we didn't win the game, nor did we lose, but obviously that's something we have to come back in this week and get corrected. >> didn't win nor lose. ravens and raiders in baltimore. flak co had no -- flaco had no trouble with the raiders' d. the route was on. the raiders battled back. you won't see that often. he is gone and 55 yards and palmer threw for 368 yards and two touchdowns and 20-10 ravens. but flaco was better. 341 yards and three td's. look at this flow. it was right on the money. 47 yards. now 34-10. five minutes left and up 41-17. the ravens run a fake field goal. really?
11:27 pm
he keeps it himself and john harbaugh rubbing it in. 15 straight wins for baltimore. the longest streak in the nfl. they tied a record losing 55-20 falling to 3 and 6. we have your feel good story on the day on the linc and the ugly side of nascar racing. it looked more like cage
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our final pga event of the season. he spent friday night in a hospital after a panic attack. she had to to retain the pga tour car. we go to the pa are 58. third shot from charlie. it leaves it within a foot of the cup. he would birdie to take a two-stroke lead at 15 under. then he follows that up on the par 49th with another birdie. that runs a pour straight. he had eight birdies on the day. he had one slip what the heck on 18.
11:31 pm
a bogey for 369 and 16 under for the tournament winning his first pga event with a two-year tour exemption. it is like a trophy. nascar in teen nick and -- in phoenix. a little tire failure and he is now 20 points behind the leader. they are going at it all day. gordon intentionally wrecks boyer. boyer's crew went after gordon and the two sides brawled in the pit. harvick won the race. he is one win win away from the championship, but this is all anyone will remember from today's race. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. coming up, the plays of the day and a tour of the rest of the nfl. stick around. >> thank you, shu. thousands of people losing their homes because of overdue utility bills. why this is happening and the company that is making millions in profits. plus two people dead and 31 homes damaged.
11:32 pm
the blast that nearly took out an indianapolis neighborhood. and the fight against whalers and the government that is refusing to stop its annual whale and dolphin hunting season. we will be right back. ♪
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i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, police in gilroy are looking for a pittbull who attacked a poodle. the poodle was trying to defend a family's granddaughter. officers say it will be hard to find the dog because pittbulls are popular in the city. a candlelight vigil to honor the memory of 19-year-old ernest stow. the teen was missing for 16 days before his body was found in an abandoned auto shop. they say he was murdered. it was veterans day across the country. a time to honor those who protect our freedom. the veterans day parade marched down market street. a memorial service was held at the golden gate national cemetery. we are learning that at least 31 homes in indiana were so badly damaged by an explosion and fire they may be demolished. two people died in the explosion that was so loud it was heard miles away. houses reduced to kindling.
11:36 pm
people managed to escape with their pajamas and pets. the cause of the fire is unknown. >> so far the survey has indicated there are no gas leaks in the area. however, we have a lot more investigation to do. >> local media from indianapolis report a bomb and meth lab have been ruled out as a cause. damage is estimated at over $3.5 million. power remains off for 120,000 homes and businesses in new york and new jersey. both people and city officials are frustrated with the slow pace of repairs. governor andrew cuomo is threatening to pull the operating license of at least one utility. youutility officials say hurricane sandy flooded watering and other other -- wiring and other equipment making making it difficult to connect to local grids. an out of work actor in baltimore is leaving with real life drama that could leave him homeless. it started with a water bill he refused to pay. now an aggressive company could take his home. it is a story playing out all over the country.
11:37 pm
>> richard burton played tough as names -- nails shamrock mcbegin tee. but burton lost his job when "the wire" wept off the air. -- wept off the air. and today the accomplished actor and musician is in the middle of a real life drama. at risk of losing his home to toker closure over a disputed $1,000 water bill. >> the smaller bill is there, but after you add the interest and the 18% and the lawyer fees, it is unjust. it is wrong. >> reporter: burton refused to pay, but the city turned to a controversial tactic, selling his debt to a private company that then put a lean on his home. >> have you no choice to pay or lose your home? that can't be right. >> now the company is asking for additional interest and high legal fees too. ballooning his tab to almost $5,000. >> somebody could lose their home for a failure to pay a
11:38 pm
$200 or $300 water bill or sewer bill. >> the national consumer law center says thousands of homeowners all over the u.s. are threatened with foreclosure every year because of unpaid utility bills and taxes. in rhode island a $474 sewer bill cost one woman her home. the company that took possession later sold it for $85,000. back in baltimore, vic revalentine lost her house over a partially paid water bill. >> you were in this home for 33 years? >> yes. >> and now all of a sudden you are on the street jie. and it is not a fun place to be. >> lean logic, the company that bought richard burton's debt makes $100 million profiting from the lean business. we tracked down one of the co-founders after he refused to sit down with husband. with us. >> you are taking homes from small unpaid water bills. >> i am de clanking -- declining an interview jie. you have nothing to say to the people who lose their homes to you?
11:39 pm
>> and that was abc news reporter's mark green blat. they are located in colorado. still to come, new video of the dolphin and whale hunt going on right now in japan. the i team's dan noyes talks to japanese officials on why they refuse to stop it. >> and truckee is sitting at very cold temperatures. we will do some california
11:40 pm
11:41 pm
11:42 pm
a life and death struggle was under way in japan. the capture and slaughter of dolphins and small whales. a californian mall rights activists are trying to stop it. dan noyes took the complaint to the japanese consulate. a warning, some of the pictures are difficult to watch. >> the japanese government does not want you to see these pictures. a dry hunt underway last week. fishermen use boats to push a pod of pilot whales, over 100, into the cove to be slaughters for food. >> pilot whales are docile and sub miss sigh. >> i scope via skype with melissa who is there leading the campaign. >> this is my second time
11:43 pm
being cove guardian leader. >> does it get any easier to watch? >> it never gets easier being here. obviously, it is not a quick, humane death. these animals fight for eve last breath they have. it is quite a struggle. >> the japanese government refused to call off the killing season running september through march despite international pressure. >> that is a dolphin's worst nightmare. >> in 2010 a documentary called "the cove" won an academy award and exposed techniques for capturing dolphins, pilot whales and others. >> they just bang on these poles with hammers and create a wall of sound which frightens the doll inifs. >> they coral them close to shore with nets and drag others by rope and attack. the cove turns red with blood. that same process is playing out right now. this time it is pilot whales. the fishermen drive them to
11:44 pm
shore. >> they start to panic and start to thrash and fight for all they have. we witnessed several whales throw themselves on to the rocks. the killers tried to wrestle them off and it was a bloody struggle. >> while the fishermen focus owed the larger whales that yield the most meat, they watched a calf get caught in the net and the mother spy hoping. coming out of the water to see the baby struggling. >> after several minutes she never resurfaced. it is very painful. >> they watched them select a mother and two cal vies for a marine park. but after four days in a pen with her young, the mother grew sick and died. during the drive hunt they separate the pod. half are dragged to shore and a spike driven through their blow hole to their spine to paralyze them and then they go to the butcher. the other half huddle near the nets. >> the worst part is they pick half the pod. so the remaining pod is
11:45 pm
witnessing their family members being slaughters one by one and then forced to swim in their family member's blood. >> i went to the japanese consulate to hear how they might defend the process. he compares this to the way americans slaughter cattle and poultry for food. >> i can see the pictures and the blood in the water and the young separated from their parents, and it looks brutal. >> well, as i said, i haven't seen the killing of the other animals. >> the world has seen it. >> no, no, no. but we would appreciate if you pay more respect to what we eat, how we eat, how we use our resources. >> they say you should respect their food culture. >> honestly it is not about culture and tradition. these hunts originated in the 1970s. this is fairly new to them. this is about profit and greed.
11:46 pm
>> the fishermen can get more than $200,000 from marine parks for a trained dolphin. they kill the other animals for food. this whale bacon on yahoo! shopping is pilot whale. despite all of the pressure including yearly protests in san francisco, the only changing the fishermen have made is to hide what they are doing. they use police and coast guard to cordoned off the killing cove. they put up tarps at the butcher hues. house. and they restrict segal and her team as much as possible. >> you can see the pilot whale right there. >> but the san francisco consulate claims the fishermen are ready to adopt more humane techniques. >> these days anything the animal loving groups have any -- maybe they will be very happy to hear. >> if you have any ideas they willisen to you. >> the only thing humane is to stop it.
11:47 pm
these animals are ripped apart and taken captive and brutally slaughtered. >> dan noyes, abc7 news. >> all right. now let's get to a check of our workweek weather and leigh glaser has that. >> we will start off taking a live look at live doppler 7hd. you can see the clouds already starting to move in from the north. they will eventually start to spread toward the south. the reason i show that is because it will mean for some warmer temperatures for all of the bay area. we will look for temperatures staying a little above the freezing mark for santa rosa. 40s near san francisco and oakland and extending to the peninsula. morgan hill down to 39 and looking for 42 overnight tonight in santa cruz. if you are traveling back east you may find some toward atlanta. we have a pretty good looking storm front here. it is barreling toward the east. midsex of the country looks great.
11:48 pm
denver 38 and we will look for more rain toward the pacific northwest. seattle, rain with 47 degrees. travel around the state here locally it looks terrific with los angeles warming to 74. san diego 72. it will be mild through fresno 68. tahoe will warm to 49. looking for showers moving in oord eureka. the showers will move into the extreme north bay communities into tuesday. a chance of a few drops north of the golden gate bridge. monday, tuesday and into wednesday it will moderate to the midto upper 60s around here. look for scatter ited showers on thursday night and showers for us on friday. we get a break on saturday and then it looks like a pretty strong storm system on sunday and monday of next week. and that is definitely going to mean for some heavy rain next weekend. >> thank you, leigh. mike shu man is here with 130r9s -- mike shumann is here with sports. did we tie? did we not tie?
11:49 pm
>> a weird day, we will say that for our local pro teams. the 9ers and rams ended in a tie. we are just scratching the surface
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
all right, we kick off the second half here, boys and girls, with your plays of the day. philip rivers having a career game against the buccaneers and three td's. his fourth pass went to the
11:52 pm
wrong team. leonard johnson with a pick. it goes 83 yards the other way and tampa bay wins their third straight game. drew brees threw for 298 yards and three touchdowns. two to jimmy graham. saints hand atlanta their first loss of the season. saints won pour of their last five. four of the last five. the chicago bears lost on sunday night football to the texans. foster can run, but showing off the great hands here. texans win it 13-6. unfortunately michael vick left the game with a concussion and the cowboys won it 38-23. peyton manning tied dan morino. second all time with touchdowns with 420 right near. broncos are 6-3 with a big win over the panthers. and adrian peterson ran for 1 would 7 yards. 127 yards. vikings move to 5-1 at home. those are your plays of the day. and now for your tie of the day.
11:53 pm
49ers and rams coming off a bye. each had big chances to win and we settle for a tie. rams took the lead in the first. alex smith takes off on a scramble. normally he slides, but he took it in the back of the head. he was woozy, but he bounces up. he took another hit, but h caused a concussion, but i would like to think it was a combination. 12 plays and 78 yards and capped off with a crabtree touchdown. niners down seven. he takes over and fourth quarter and keeps it himself. turns on the jets and seven-yard touchdown. 9ers are down three. the rams retake the lead. with a minute to go, he hits austin petis. he has a 33-yard field goal of. he -- field goal. he has a 41 yarder for the win.
11:54 pm
53 yards out and good. delay of game pushed them back five yards. it was all on over time. the game ends in a tie. first one since 2008 in the nfl. first 49er tie since 1986. >> exactly how it feels yet. i think they feel like i do. i don't know how to feel right now. >> well said. ravens and raiders in baltimore. joe flaco had no trouble flashing the defense. raiders battle back and carson palmer finds darius heyward bay. he threw for 368 yards. the lead is cut to 10. but flaco was better today. 341 yards and three td's. perfect strike here to tory smith. he has a gun. 47 yards and ravens up 34-10.
11:55 pm
up 41-17 and the ravens run a fake field goal. 15 straight home wins for baltimore. the longest in the nfl. raiders lose it and fall to 3-6. college hoops and cal hosting cal state bakersfield. alan crab lead the way with 27 points. cob added 22 and he went on the run midway through the first half. the road runners could not keep up from there and cal wins it easily 78-68. inth is the story of the day. pga tour and he had the second round lead and spent friday night in the hospital. he had a panic attack. he was told he shouldn't continue to play, but he had to to retain his tour card. we go to the par 58. great approach and leaves it a foot. he takes a two-stroke lead at 15 under. then he will toes that up with a par 49th. he starts to run a four
11:56 pm
straight. what a week this guy has had. go to 18 and he had a bogey, but shoots a 6en under winning his first p tab a event -- pga event. there is his wife. never get tired of that shot and his newborn baby. nascar in phoenix. two races left in the chase. points leader jimmy johnson with a little tire failure and hits it is wall. finished 32nd and now twenty points be inned hue the leader. they are tapping each other all day and escalated with two lapse to go. gordon intentionally wrecks boyer. boyer's crew went after gordon. the two sides brawled in the pits. boyer was third in the points standing and lost points on the leader. it is like a cage match. that's all anybody will remember after today's race. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino and our story of the day, winningest first tour.
11:57 pm
>> the little baby is so cute. thank you, shu. >> that is it for this edition of abc news. i'm ama date. the news president coulds tomorrow morning at 4:-- the news continues at 4:30 tomorrow morning. we leave you with a look outside
11:58 pm
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